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Be Supported

I can’t promise to fix all your problems, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone. – Anonymous


Your nurturing Universal Cancer Care support team is a community of accomplished doctors, counsellors, teachers, healers, friends and fellow survivors who offer a holistic support structure to anyone facing a life threatening dis-ease and those close to them, through their experienced guidance, advice, treatments and therapies.


Barbara-Anne CumpsteySoul
Barbara-Anne has been practicing metaphysical, energetic and intuitive healing for over 15 years. She is a Reiki Master and a Suyo Alto Mesayoq (master) in the Andean Tradition. As a cancer survivor & through her belief that healing is a “whole body” experience, she founded Universal Cancer Care. Combining her skills and experience she has developed and offers various self-empowering workshops and support for all ages as well as energy work and Reiki training.

Tel: 084 430 1611

Jean Holman Body
Jean has run her successful BSR practice for the past 12 years. Due to an onslaught of emotional and environmental stressors, stress overload is reached in the body. Body stress becomes locked into the body’s physical structures which manifests as lines of tension and can cause pain, stiffness, numbness or postural distortion. BSR improves the body’s coordination and communication, allowing the body to heal itself and function optimally by “Unlocking Tension and Restoring Self-Healing.”

Tel: 083 408 7586

Estelle Kapp Mind
Estelle has been running her healing practice for the last twelve years and has a BA Honours degree in Psychology, is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master, a trained metaphysical healer and channel. She has a background in shamanic training from South America and a special interest in re-patterning, holistic healing, trauma release and self-empowerment. She offers re-patterning and self-empowerment courses as well as Reiki workshops.

Tel: xxxxxx

Sally RossiterSoul
Sally Rossiter is an accomplished Healer, Channel, Teacher and counsellor with 20 years’ experience. Sally has trained in a number of healing modalities, and is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master and Buddho Master. After 15 years of training and initiating in the Andean Tradition, Sally holds the Kuraq Akulleq level of initiation, the highest level available on the planet currently. She has written a book, The Path to Cosmic Consciousness, which documents the 15-year journey through initiation in the Andean Tradition.

Tel: 083 681 5482

Ania KaminskiMind
Ania embarked on her spiritual and counselling path 20 years ago. She attained the highest level of initiation in Sacred Andean Traditions – Kuraq Akulleg. Her combination of the wisdom of this ancient tradition, along with tools and gifts of New Energies has brought her to a place where she can assist you to take control over your cellular structure and positively influence your DNA. “Your thoughts can change your life, they can change you biology too.”

Tel: 083 263 9164

Chantal MaskellBody, Mind & Soul
Chantal is a Health & Wellness Consultant & Coach, SCIO Biofeedback Therapist, Access Bars Brain Flow Therapist, Flower Essence Therapist, Cheirologist and offers Rise & Shine Programs and Workshops. She offers private consultations or group sessions to individuals, schools or corporate companies. She assesses you “Holistically” addressing all aspects of your Being – on a general physical level (working closely with your Doctor) but also focussing on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Tel: 083 961 2718

Elma HamiltonMind & Emotions
Elma completed her Master’s Degree (MSW,) from the University of Pretoria. in Her specialised interest is Oncology Social Work. Cancer has profound psychosocial effects on patients and their families. Elma helps patients and families understand the treatment modalities and their goals, creates awareness of side-effects and late-effects of treatment, she follows a meaning-centred approach, guiding patients to be aware of their own meaning, or to construe meaning in their lives, and to discover their strengths that will help them cope with the demands of the cancer journey.

Tel: 082 451 1173

Ania KaminskiMind
Gail is a counselling and Educational Psychologist. She practices Heart-centred Hypnotherapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a Trained Life Coach. As a cancer survivor, Gail has a personal interest, affinity and heartfelt desire to assist cancer patients and their families. She offers individual counselling sessions as well as Holistic Heart Workshops.

Tel: 083 447 3674

Helen OosthuizenMind & Soul
Helen is an accomplished Music Therapist using Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). Guided Imagery and music involves exploring imagery that emerges while listening to music as a way of accessing deeper parts of the self and experiencing growth and transformation. This is a wonderful modality for cancer patients or their families as working through images can allow us to creatively consider struggles we may not be able to verbalise, or are afraid to come to terms with. This enables us to work through these difficult areas, bringing acceptance, transformation and healing.

Tel: 082 482 5906

Herbert BrauerSoul
Herbert Brauer has been working in remote wilderness areas since 1994 as a guide, photographer and wildlife cameraman. He studied geo- and biological sciences, metaphysics, Reiki, traditional skills and ancient ways of life with academics, healers, teachers and masters in the Americas and South Africa. He offers intuitive healing and space clearings, awareness and energy management courses, vision quests, wilderness immersions, talks and coaching.

Tel: 083 457 7270

Corlia CoetzeeBody
Corlia is passionate about health and wellbeing and has trained in various modalities over the last fifteen years. Besides working as a personal trainer for the last 8 years, she is a qualified reflexologist and Scio specialist (Scio is a computerised system that both tests and balances the body at the subtle energy level.) Corlia also teaches the basic principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and practices various forms of metaphysical healing.

Tel: 083 308 4490

Mandy NewellBody
Mandy is an avid believer in the value and the power of dance and the fact that dance helps many people through difficult, emotional times. Mandy is a highly qualified dance instructor and has certification in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and Ballroom dancing. In addition to these attributes Mandy teaches Burlesque, Dance Fitness, Barre, Hip hop, Latin and Ballroom dancing at her Cherry Dance Studios in Randpark Ridge and Parktown North.

Tel: 074 132 6237

Sylvia NikolaoySoul
Sylvia is an accomplished astrologer, tarot reader, channel, metaphysical counsellor, Reiki master, intuitive healer and holds the Suyo Alto Mesayoq level in the Andean Tradition. Sylvia incorporates all these modalities and it is this that makes her approach and work unique. Sylvia is also experienced in bringing a conscious awareness of self with nature, offering practical tools to balance the earth, water, air and fire elements within ourselves.

Tel: 081 445 2641

Fiona HardieBody
Fiona has been teaching Pilates for 14 years. She is a firm believer that the body must be viewed holistically and has therefore added reflexology and Bowen therapy to her skillset. Bowen is a therapy that realigns the autonomic nervous system and sets the body into a state of self-healing thereby relieving the individual of anxiety, constipation, insomnia, scar tissue, pain, neuropathy, and any of the other uncomfortable side effects of cancer treatment.

Tel: 073 342 9602

Angela MasonMind
Angela has expertise in dealing with financial matters pertaining to deceased estates and other conveyancing matters for over 16 years. Last wills and testaments are an exceptionally important part of life. Angela will ensure that your legal affairs are in order from a will and testament perspective to ensure that these requirements will not be a burden to your loved ones.

Tel: 082 903 4252

Cameron HoggSoul
Head of the Psychosocial Department at Hospice Wits in Houghton Johannesburg. As a Spiritual Counsellor, Cameron supports families to create a warm and loving environment at home for a loved one to deal with illness and to transition from the physical to the non-physical world. He also has a private therapy practice in Johannesburg offering repression therapy, hypnosis, life coaching, energy therapy and Reiki.

Tel: 083 610 0713

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