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Be unique, be yourself. Be creative. Be bold and share your truth with others – Barbara-Anne Cumpstey


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Barbara-Anne – Cancer Story – Survivor

By | Nov 3rd, 2017|

Cancer and I initially became acquainted through an itchy nipple. It felt as if I had been bitten by a mosquito. The nipple itch came and went for a few weeks without much attention from me, until I experienced a sharp pain in my left breast. I made an appointment [...]

An Ordinary Day

By | Nov 2nd, 2017|

An ordinary day; an ordinary telephone call with a less than ordinary conversation.  My daughter telling me about the lump in her breast.  “Don’t worry Ma.  80% of lumps are benign.”  I KNOW 80% of lumps are benign.  I had one removed many years ago but it’s not me, it’s [...]

15 Things Cancer Patients Want You to Know

By | Nov 1st, 2017|

“Be there for me.” - Donna “There is so much pain and mental anguish. Once you are done with treatments, people think you are healed and are back to normal. This is the furthest from the truth.” – Bonnie “Now that I don't "look sick" (my colouring is better, hair, [...]

The Sound of Water

By | Nov 1st, 2017|

Our garden has a water feature. It isn’t fabulous but we like the bubbling, tinkling sound made by the cascade. It’s also a memorial to a brave fight. “I want to build a water feature in the garden,” my terminally-ill husband announced. “Is that okay?” I didn’t know if he’d [...]

Stress Less

By | Oct 25th, 2017|

“The human condition is that we are conscious beings with a will of our own, living in a world that often doesn’t behave the way we would like it to.” Dr Scott Peck. Our desire to control life and the way it unfolds creates an immense amount of stress on [...]

10 BEST TIPS on what to SAY and DO for a Cancer Patient

By | Oct 16th, 2017|

Humans are complex beings. We react differently to stressful and uncomfortable situations. A cancer diagnosis is definitely one of these. Some people want to know all the intimate details of your diagnosis. Some “put their foot” in it and make insensitive comments. Others do not know what to say, say [...]

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